Things have not gone according to plan.

Not that I had much of a plan. But what little plan I had, little has gone by said plan.

Quick rundown: Apply to places, follow up if I can. Got one job, it was bad. Looked for more jobs. Nothing weeks later. Feel like crap. Apply to low-end retail jobs, get rejected by some of those. Follow up with two places monday.

Not the a good place to be for anyone.

I would be worse of back in Indiana. Living with parents and not having a regular group of friends is not an ideal situation.

A few people suggested I start my own LLC. Um, what? Not that I can’t do it, but I have no idea how to attract customers. Sure, I am handy with a camera, but i have no idea how to market that skill to clients.

After I thought about it, i realized there might be something in that. A lot of what i read about starting a photo/media biz is that you have to have a good business sense. Most photographers lack that. We just want to take pretty pictures. Its all about being able to market yourself in a field that is over saturated. Most of these businesses will fade away due to lack of business model and marketing.

So while I still look for employment of some kind, I am starting to work on both of those things. The business model won’t be hard. It is simpler than people think. It is the marketing I have an issue at. I am trying to learn about this whole getting noticed by people thing.

Truth be told, this blog is part of that. I want to experiment with that a bit before trying to launch HW Media (it sounds much better than Stephan Hughes Photography and whatever else it would be called).

So thank you for joining this grand experiment of mine. I want to make this more than just random thoughts, but that will be there too. More frequent posts would be nice. I am still working on the design of the blog, so please check back for updates.

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