The 365 Photo Project Challenge – Day 5

Let’s face it: I need to get out of my apartment. Shooting random things around the apartment is not my usual thing, which is forcing me to be more creative. That is not a bad thing. In this case, it is a picture of my public transportation tickets in France. The big one with my mug shot is from Grenoble, the ones leading up to and going around it are all the ones I use in Paris.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I love traveling. I enjoy interacting with people in the places i visit and really try to get to know the culture, not just the touristy stuff. I long to travel again. But that requires money that I currently do not have…

As I said, doing these things are out of my norm. Don’t believe me? Check out my portfolio and travel albums on Flickr.

Shot with my Canon 60D and 50mm f/1.8

Hopefully i will get something more interesting soon. Hopefully I’ll be interacting with people more soon. I admit, Columbia, SC is a bit boring…


2 thoughts on “The 365 Photo Project Challenge – Day 5

    1. Hahah. No. I currently live in South Carolina. These are all from last year when I was working in Europe for a non-profit organization. Trust me, if i was currently living in Europe (preferably Brussels), my photos would be a lot more interesting. Also, thank you for commenting!


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