The 365 Photo Project Challenge – Day 14

Yeah, It is yet another kilt photo. But some days when am man feels down, he needs to feel manly. What is more manly than wearing a kilt, wielding a sword, and drinking tea? Maybe charging a rampant mutant bear while one is wearing said kilt while wielding said sword. I just needed to do something constructive other than sit around and watch netflix all day. (another friend married, feeling pathetic for being single/never dated,blablablablabla)

Why do I shoot in that hallway? It’s a blank space where I can control the lighting. That;s all. For the most part, I am starting to get the posture and positioning right for a pose. Still needs work. But my spine is at least correct (according to the text book Picture Perfect Pose. Check it out on amazon).

Shot with my 60d with the stock 18-135mm lens. Lit with 2 daylight CFL bulbs in hardware clamplights.


4 thoughts on “The 365 Photo Project Challenge – Day 14

  1. I love this! Kilts have always appealed to me. I wonder if you would like to share this on my collaborative projects on self portraits?
    I would credit you and think back to your blog.
    What do you say? 🙂


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