The 365 Photo Project Challenge – Day 18 (Photo Experiment: Light and Shadow 1)

For Day 18, I did a bit of an experiment with light. Saddly it failed, and here is why:

The experiment was to use cardboard to create harsh shadows, much like a cookie/gobo. In fact, i was trying to make a DIY version of it. They actually work…in theory. The reason why they fail in practice has everything to do with the light. I use daylight CFL bulbs, which as soft and naturally diffused. Because it it softer, it bends around it a bit more, knocking the light down a few stops instead of creating harsh lines of shadows.

Solution? Halogen work lamps. The problem? I am unemployed and therefore cannot afford them despite them being relatively cheap. I am on a tight budget.

Here is another example:

See? cool effect on the wall. Even with the angle of the light, it should be casting some sort of effect on me. It doesn’t.

Oh well, just another one to come back to.


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