The 365 Photo Project Challenge – Day 24 and Day 25

I have been rather busy the past couple of days and my photo challenge has fallen to the way side. Being without a car at the moment and a lot of pumpkins to cook up before they go bad, I’ve been rather distracted. But hey, I made cookies! I’m a man, I get to do that sort of thing.


I admit that they are not the prettiest looking cookies in the world, but they sure are tasty. And yes, I am rather competent in the kitchen. A man’s got to eat.

The other photo is an ongoing experiment base on an article from DIY Photography. It is about photographing objects in your bathroom to hone one’s photography skills. They author of the article is one of my favorite on that site. Brings the DIY back to DIY Photography. Anyway, here is a picture of my razor from Shave Mob. It’s the cheapest way to shave my head.



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