The 365 Photo Project Challenge – Day 30 and Day 31

Yes, I have fallen behind on my blogging. Haven’t done a Video Finds post in a while either. But things have been busy, and I am not going to get into most of that now (though if you check out the previous post you’ll see something I’ve done).

So, for what should have been Monday’s picture:

It’s a practice butterfly knife/balisong. Since real ones are a bit harder to get your hands on (legality differs from state to state) and I never had the opportunity to pick on up in the Philippines (not entirely certain i could have brought it stateside either), I am more than happy to have this practice one. Its fun to play around with, not something i would really want to do with a real one.

And for today’s:

A Dutch Apple-Pumpkin Crisp. It smells yummy. I have a bit too much pumpkin (and not from a can) that i need to use up. Yes, I am a man who enjoys being in the kitchen. There is nothing wrong with that.


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