On The Job – Encounter God Youth Retreat 2014 (days 41, 42, 43)

So once again I wield my mighty camera under the banner of HW Media. Sadly, it was another free gig for Sandhills Community Church. However, this is the last of the freebees as we have won the contract.

Anyway, despite all of that they did pay my expenses. So i wasn’t really out anything. It was a lot of filming and moving, but it was worth it. It was really the first project I have used the BMPCC extensively on. It’s a great camera, especially in raw. It provides such a look I cannot get out of any camera at that price range. And being able to do that for 3 different youth groups will hopefully do them a lot of good as well.

I realize that not every one who is looking at this blog is Christian or religious. You know what? That’s ok. Where I have expressed before that I am a devout Christian, I don’t preach or post about it a lot on this blog all that often. But it is at the core of who I am, and because of that I had to work just as hard as if I was being paid. That means the end product needs to be the best possible quality I can make it. If the Black Magic footage turns out as I hope it will, then it will look pretty killer.

Oh, and we got to use a DJI Phantom with a GoPro Hero 3. Totally worth it.

Once we get something cut together we will post it to HW Media. In the meantime, enjoy these photos. They count towards my 365 project. I took them on the correct days, I just didn’t have any form of internet access over the weekend. Now excuse me while I pass out.

from the DJI Phantom for Fisheye Friday
A RAW still frame processed from the BMPCC.
Our friends The World Optic leading worship.

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