Duel-Wielding Flashes : 365 Photo Project Day 63

I haven’t done any real serious photography in a little while, and lately HW Media has been contracted for video. But with the potential of a small shoot when (if my car allows it) i return to Indiana, I needed to make sure both of these flashes worked with my remotes.

THe larger one is a cheap Neewer TT680, which is rather reliable for most situations. The other is i got when i ordered an old Canon AE-1 Program…which ended up not working (yay refunds). However, it did come with a bunch of lenses that work with my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. It also came with an old Sunpak Auto Zoom 344 D Thyristor flash that i had little use for until recently.

So after testing to see if it would work with my old Canon T1i/500d, I eventually tested it with my 60D with the remotes. Dang, this thing is bright. I mean really bright. This little thing might just be of good use.

Truth be told, my roommate actually took the photo. But really he’s just my remote timer. I did the set up…mostly. So props to Erich for making this easier.


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