The Art of Being Lazy – Pictures 80 to 91

I have been lazy. I admit it. For some reason, when I am back at my parents place in Indiana i just become complacent. I just don’t feel right. I think the only word i can use to describe such a feeling is hopeless. Therefore, i lacked motivation to do most things, including updating this blog. It also doesn’t help that a photo shoot was canceled while i was there. So i have to play catch up big time now that I am home, meaning South Carolina. I don’t feel hopeless here. Instead I feel lost on what I am supposed to be doing next. That’s a struggle. I have been back in the US for the better part of a year now after my globe trotting adventures and i just feel as if the best of my life is now behind me. That is not a healthy way to view things, but when one is lost it is easy to let the patterns of thought slip to such a way of thinking.

Actually, i might just switch to a weekly post for this with the attempt of posting daily to The Kilted Artist Facebook Page.

Anyway, now onto photos (yes, i took a lot of the dogs):


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