Frustration Hunting: Photo 92-98

Things have been frustrating. Job hunting is my least favorite thing to do and right now it is the one thing that makes me feel absolutely worthless. I would like to think that I am a bright, intelligent, and creative individual. However, looking at different jobs makes me feel dumb, stupid, and under-qualified. I have to admit that my photos on here have been mediocre at best as of late. I am trying to step back up to my A game this week.

That being said, it doesn’t help me feel any better about my job situation. I have been doing this for a little while now. As time goes on, it seems to get worse and worse. Most of the listings are for either medical related or sales. Neither of which I am qualified for. Why am I not qualified for a sales position? I lack charisma. I take issue pushing a product on people that I don’t personally subscribe to. If i don’t want the product, why would I push others to buy it? Being a man of devout faith, I cannot justify deceiving someone just so i can have a pay check. I had a job once for less than a week working as a “photography sales associate” which ended up being about squeezing as much money out of unsuspecting clients by up selling them on photo products they didn’t necessarily want or need. That and the expectation on the quality of the photos was low, making me ignore even the most basic principles of photography.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have kept that job just to be reminded I would have been fired because my car was in the shop half the time,

Other times I wonder if moving to Columbia, SC was a smart move. Then I remember what I had back in Indiana, which the Christmas holiday reminded me of. Meaning I moved because I had nothing left. I have more here than i every really had in Indiana.

There is some hope though. I should be getting a bit more freelance in February. I submitted my resume to a temp agency, which will hopefully get me something. I had to snail mail my resume/application/cover letter to a local Christian university for an AV/IT job. I didn’t get the videography job from them last time, but that is because the position was cut by the powers that be (i was a top candidate too). On that same line of thought, I was also a top candidate at a large AV company, but the position was given to someone who had worked for them before. So hopefully 3rd times a charm.

Anyway, enough of my ranting. Here are the photos:


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