One of Those Weeks : Photos 99-105

It has been a bit of a rough week. Skin problems, feeling lost, and getting ready to start moving again. It been a week for sure.

Feeling lost is nothing new. I’ve felt that way for a while. I have stated on numerous occasions on this blog that I am a devout christian. So part of my problem is that God is feeling very distant right now. There is a lot of yelling on my part at him, which is actually acceptable. The old testament book of Psalms is full of yelling at God when He has seemed distant and indifferent. Doesn’t justify my actions, but it is not unacceptable.

But I am thankful for my lifegroup from Midtown Fellowship, my friends i see friday nights, and my roommate. I have more friends than I can remember ever having. That’s new. I ended up cooking chicken adobo for my entire lifegroup (all 10 of us). That was the largest group I had ever cooked for. They seemed to like it a lot. I enjoy cooking. I need to cook more and try new recipes.

Another positive: my roommate and I are moving to a house. Hopefully we can start that move Monday. Our lease is up Saturday, so we need to get this thing started.

I think the biggest issue is that I just can’t seem to find work. I have experience in my field (video-media technology), yet the job openings have dried up leaving low end part time jobs that won’t hire me either due to my over qualifications (what store wants to hire a guy who has filmed and photographed all over the world?). So with that, self worth is fading as I feel as if I am being shown that everything i have ever done or ever learned is of no value to anyone. My skills and attributes are worthless. Or at least that is the message that companies are telling me.

Hopefully this week will be a better one. It will definitely be a more chaotic one thanks to the move.

And now, for the photos:

My friends in The World Optic playing that the British Bulldog Pub. Small space and low lighting made it a challenge to get photos.
Circular tea bag. It was the last of my Raspberry Earl Grey. Its ok, i have more in loose leaf!
And this week signifies the journey homeward from Europe. This time last year I was in the Philippines visiting my grandparents before heading back to the US after 10 months of being abroad.
This just looked cool.
Pineapple Green Tea! Yummy stuff. I drank a lot of tea in general this week. More than usual actually. It was one of those weeks
From my friday night adventures. I am one of two guys in the group and the one running the game. Its a challenge being up against 3-4 highly creative people in a game only limited by the imagination
No, I am not catholic. I just like the rosary. Despite it being a rough week I have no choice but to put my trust in Christ, especially the times when God feels so distant and unconcerned with me. I pray for something more to life than this.

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