The Move: Photos 106-112

It was a long week. My roommate and I finally moved out of our apartment into a house some 15 minutes up the road. It was a bit more stressful than it should have been. That’s because my roommate’s aunt hadn’t really moved the stuff out of her house (which is where we now live) making it a bit more difficult for us to move stuff in. But with our lease ending that Saturday (Jan 31), we had very little choice but to move as planned.

There was a lot of packing, unpacking, repacking, and dumping stuff in the garage as we turn the cluttered mess that is the interior of the house into a suitable bachelor pad.

On a side note, no other leads on jobs. Yet I am stressing over it a whole lot less. I am a man of faith, but for some reason i wasn’t truly giving this over to God. I didn’t realize that He has me fairly well taken care of at the moment. 6ish months of rent in my account is nothing to take lightly. I have friends, a church i am becoming more active in, and i just moved into a house. Others are right when they tell me that God has me where He wants me.

And now for this past weeks, which i didn’t have an opportunity due to moving. A farewell to K-8:

my new room, empty
filling up the new room.

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