Stress, Oh The Stress

And that my friends explains why i haven’t posted anything as of late.

Sort of.

What has caused such stress?

The answer is simple: Job Hunting.

Yes friends, at long last I have declared open season for the job hunt earlier this month. This time I have expanded my search well beyond South Carolina, were I currently reside. Hunting the the job has always been a challenge. The past few hunting seasons have not been so fruitful. They resulted in either sporadic interviews that never went anywhere or no interviews at all. I had given up for a few months as my search had turned up scarce.

And now i stop with the hunting prose an metaphor because I know absolutely nothing about hunting. Anyway, job hunting has never been fruitful for me. Even for the jobs that I am qualified for I never hear back from. But something has changed this time around. I’ve had several interviews since March. I started once more a week after my 27th birthday. As a result, I have had an interview every week for the past 4 weeks. Last week i had two interviews.

So something has changed. For some reason companies are finally interested in what I can do. I won’t name names or specific locations, but I had one interview in Charlotte NC, two in South Carolina, one in Nashville TN, and one in Austin TX. Ok so most of those are phone/skype interviews. They still count though. To quote one of the guys in my small group at church “Dang, you are on fire!” I am surprised and humbled by the amount of interviews I have gotten. These are for videography/media positions. To even get the interview, one has to stand out about the majority. Somehow I have. My work from my travels, mixed with my previous student works and extensive resume, have finally paid off. I am being told by professionals that my work is really good. I am not used to hearing that. One company told me that out of 200+ applicants I was in the top 5.

Needles to say I haven’t heard back from that one. With that being said, I do have a second interview with the company in Nashville.

On top of that I have a wedding to film in August in Montreal, Canada.

So, I have been working on a personal project in the meantime using primarily my BMPCC (with some DSLR for time-lapse). I have been meaning to post a few stills but have not gotten around to it. Sorry. I’ll do that tomorrow. Promise.

Hopefully I can be a bit more active on my blog. I do like blogging, but my lifre has been boring as of late. That is unless you all want to read me complaining and venting. A blog isn’t the best place for that though, especially one called “The Kilted Artist”. And lets face it, my 365 experiment is pretty much dead in the water at the moment. Maybe someday I will try it again.

Till next time.


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