The Incomplete Personal Project Spring 2015 Edition

Ok, i might have lied. It took me a day or two to get around to posting this.

But anyway, here are a few stills from my personal project. It isn’t much so far. I started working on it when I was feeling very down and lost. I was feeling very alone when I started to work on this. Granted I still feel somewhat alone, but things are moving again in my life, so I’m in a much better mood.

Good mood makes abstract/somber pieces a bit more of a challenge. The shots i would want to get next would be ones that give a sense of isolation. That’s just how I felt at the start of this project. A lot of that feeling did come from the fact I wasn’t around people much. I am unemployed, so my people interaction is very limited (footnote: that will be changing very soon!).

Other shots are just because. I shot those first without much of an idea of what i wanted to go for. A cup of tea being poured. A time lapse of light moving. An old camera. A macro shot of my rosary.

This entire project is being shot in RAW format. I am using a BMPCC in cineraw and for the time lapses my old Canon Rebel T1i in the CR2 format. I have used both modern EOS lenses and legacy FD lenses. For the macro shot, it was my EF-S 18-135mm with a macro extender tube on my BlackMagic.

I need to finish this project. I should at the very least plan a few more shots. I already have most of the audio work done.



tlr tilt personal project still



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