I, The Saint

Blog Reader

“So, Stephan, you kind of went off the deep end of the crazy pool this time, didn’t you?”

The Kilted Artist

“Yes, Yes I did.”

Blog Reader

“So are you some crazy cult leader who claims to be some reincarnated guru proclaiming that the only way to achieve cosmic mind expanding ascension is by drinking tea and wearing a kilt?”

 The Kilted Artist

“As fun as that sounds, (because kilts and tea are awesome) no. In fact, this is inspired by high church religious art.”

This photo is the result from a conversation between me and my roommate. Much like most of our conversations, this one was all over the place topicwise. From current events to politics to world religion to radical islam to christianity. We somehow got onto the topic of Catholic Saints. We find that it is an interesting idea, but way off from what the Bible says. Just to clearify, this is what it sort of says:

1 Corinthians 6:11English Standard Version (ESV)

11 And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

Its saying anyone who as accepted Christ Jesus in sanctified, or in other words a saint. But i digress.

So catholics have saints they pray to. And they have pictures of them called icons. So making the joke that people should pray to me, because I am technically a saint (please don’t haha), i decided to make a picture in the style of iconography.

It was a simple process. Look at pictures on the Google machine (as well as the icon of St Veronica, Patron St of Photographers my brother got my for my birthday as a gag gift) for inspiration. Find a plank wall in my house, set up the camera and flashes, and snap a few photos.

Fun fact: according to genealogy I am directly descended from Saint Margaret, Queen of Scots.

And then there is Photoshop work. I don’t hate Photoshop. But like with After Effects, what I am currently capable of doing is limited at best. I had to pull from some other resources, such as Digital Juice, for the backgrounds. That was the hardest part. I needed a simple background, but not one that was overly simple. Overall I am actually pleased with the results. The next time I would do this, I would want to do everything in camera. I would prefer to use something physical instead of making it all digitally.

And for the record, this was not made to offend anyone in anyway. If anything, on a religious/spiritual level, I’m trying to make that statement those of us who are born again through Christ Jesus are sanctified here and now. It isn’t just a few dead people the pope says are “holier than thou”.

Hope you enjoyed this little photo experiment. It was good for me, and a nice distraction.

-Stephan, The Kilted Artist.


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