Radio for the Road

For a short amount of time, I had a 3 hour daily commute for a short lived job. In order to pass the time, I found a good number of podcasts. I tried to look for ones not only within my own interest, but a bit beyond. I enjoy learning, especially if someone else has already made the effort to compile the information. From technology and society, to cooking, travel, psychology, true mystery, etc.  And even though I no longer have the long drive (or the job), I still enjoy these podcasts:

There are other podcasts i tried and could basically take or leave. Those were Mystery Show, Smart Passive Income, and Nerd Poker. One podcast i tried and deleted afterwards from my app was Point of Inquiry. While I am interested in hearing from a secular humanist perspective, they made themselves to be the victim. Not interested.

I had a few other podcasts I never actually got to try out on my drive. Those were Art of Manliness, Relevant, and the podcasts from my church Midtown Fellowship. I guess I could still listen to them while I am back on the job hunt (seriously?!) and drink tea.


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