Back to the Beginning

This is not the post I planned writing earlier this week. Things have changed, and so has my situation. I have tried to the best of my abilities to write this in a way that doesn’t sound accusing, negative, angry or bashing of anyone or anything. This isn’t a rant, it is an explanation in simplest way I can think of. No bitterness, no resentment, only forgiveness.

Basic run down. Got Job. Liked Job. Did well. Coworkers didn’t like me. Lost job. Sadness.

This is an unfortunate setback, but that is all I am going to say about it. I learned from it and have moved on. However, I find myself back where I was a month ago. Too much free time and too little to do. I have to find some way to fill my time. Keep in mind, looking for a new job is a given. That is being done, but I am not going to spend 9 hours a day looking. That gets really discouraging. No, I need to do something creative, constructive, and social in the mean time. This is where I am at so far:

  • I am looking to volunteer on the production team at Midtown Fellowship, the church I attend. Signing up was one of the first things i did Thursday morning. It will be good for me. I will be around people, serving Christ and the Church, interacting with others, and working to improve some soft and hard skills as well. Also I read volunteering is a good way to fill the gap on a resume. But it gets me doing something. It gets me active, and it gets me around people. I have been meaning to volunteer for a while, but something always came up. Not now. I have all the time.
  • Blogging. If you haven’t noticed, I have been a bit more active on the blog as of late. I have been trying to find a new theme and come up with some interesting topics to write about. Not to mention I need to find some inspiration. Another reason why I need to do something out of the house and around people. I had two more blog post ideas i wanted to work on. One will require some slight modification, but that shouldn’t be that difficult. Just don’t be surprised if the look changes with every post.
  • Then there are the usual photography/art thingies i can do. This one is a bit vague. There are a number of things I can do. I need some specific projects to work on. Once again, I am hoping volunteering at Midtown will help me. Getting me around people will help. I have a few ideas already. I have been told (by an art dealer my mother is friends with) that I need to sell some of my photos. Not something I ever thought about, but she said people will buy my work. She is. I need to finish that personal project. I need to work on developing a short film idea my roommate and I had. I need to work on my story that I started writing. I have a few things i can work on already. Some of these will take time, some with take no time at all. More ideas will come.
  • Try to get some freelance work. Easier said than done.

It’s a start. I am trying to get back on my feet after this unfortunate set back. I am trying to be positive about my situation and I am doing what I can to learn. The positive part is not easy. It will take a bit of tea to get me going (hence the picture). I also need people to stand by me and support me. Losing your job, especially when you were just hired, is a real downer. The only option is to move forward and try to figure something else out. Now to get “The Show Must Go On” by Queen and “Too Much Time On My Hands” by Styx out of my head.

emergency use ony tea


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