Work. Play. KILT!

For a couple of weeks, my wardrobe changed drastically (for me at least). I went from shorts, sandals and a tee-shirt to polo/nice button up shirt, black shoes, and khakis. Polo and khakis may be one of my least favorite ways to dress. It is more the polo than anything. Its what all the “popular” kids in high school wore. Due to this, polos just have a stigma attached to them. But this is how we dressed for the job, and by golly I am going to dress for the job.

But since it is my (second) least favorite way to dress, I was out of those clothes into something more comfortable in less than 60 seconds from the time i stepped foot through my front door. However, how I dress varies. My prefer everyday wear (and i think it is nice enough to work in for most media tasks) is button up shirt w/rolled sleeves, jeans, my hat (always a must), and something to go on my feet. Not always the most practical for this South Carolina heat, but great for sightly cooler weather. Very minimal, very adaptable. I’d like to think that is a reflection of myself.

However, I find that one manly outfit is superior to all other: the all mighty, masculine, glorious KILT. Real men wear kilts. Kilts are just awesome. I feel unstoppable. I sense the approval of my long dead Scottish ancestors as I wield that mighty Scottish garment. A claymore just feels nice and comfortable in my hands, as does the cup of tea in my off hand. Freedom must be won. Mutant bears and/or dinosaurs must be vanquished. ART MUST BE MADE IN THE NAME OF MANLINESS (what? the blog is called the Kilted Artist after all). What women wouldn’t want a kilted man? Just saying.

Haha, look at me talking about “wardrobe” and “outfits”. How quaint. None of this matters* if he has a KILT.

*Actually, I believe that how someone dressed and carries himself should be a reflection of oneself, so how a man dresses is important. Though one can dress nice and still be a jerk, as one can dress sloppy and still be world class. The website The Art of Manliness has a lot to say about how a man dresses, and a whole lot more.

work play KILT


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