My Own Work

I had a realization the other day wHile driving back from the beach: most of my current friends from this past year have not seen any of my video work. They have seen my photography, that is easy. But I think they just assume I am good at video just because people say I am a good photographer. It is best to not make that assumption and actually see for one’s self.

It is mostly in chronological order, with the “For fun” being the exception. I hope that others have seen that I have progressed in the 6 years i’ve been filming. If I had anything newer to show i would, knowing that I have improved beyond what is shown. I have just not been given the opportunity to do so. Watching through some of these, I realized that I thrive in a controlled environment. My narrative and experimental work is stronger than my travel and documentary. You will also notice that a lot of my work is dark. For a lot of those it was just the place I was at in life at the time.

My demo reel can be found under the “Videography” section of the drop down menu. For the film I wrote at the LAFSC, go here.

So while I head off to Montreal/Quebec for a couple of days, check out some of my video work. Stay tuned for “traveling camera” style video in the coming weeks.

Huntington DMA:


For Fun:

Travel & Documentary:

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