Against the Flood

We didn’t believe it would actually happen. We get flood warnings like this whenever we have¬†a somewhat heavier rain. This was different though. It had for the most part rained nonstop for a week. When i say rain, it was more like a mist than a rain. But you get the general idea. The ground was already wet.

I woke up around 5:30 am on Sunday. I had to be at Midtown Fellowship by 7 am for both my job as Facilities Manager and to run sound as a production volunteer. I get a call around 6:20 am from the Production Resident (sort of like an intern, but had to raise funds). He exclaimed that the basement was flooded. It seems our sewage has backed up. I was out the door with me stuff (for I planned on staying downtown all day with weather like this). I set off and realize that I might not make it that far. I only made it as far as the Village at Sandhills, the outdoor shopping mall, before turning around.

I got home and called the resident. Turns out we were cancelling for the day. I also soon found out that the road conditions along my route to work were so bad that I couldn’t have made it down there even if I tried. However, my work isn’t quite done. We still had the tiny (read, LARGE) issue of the basement and back flooding. I was looking up specialty cleaning services when i get a text from my supervisor saying he went ahead and called one. That’s a relief. I feel way out of my depth on this situation. Then again so does everyone else. The problem now is that we have no idea when they can get to the church. There seems to be a waiting list.

It seems that one flooded church is just a small problem compared to everything else.  Streets flooding/washed away, collapsed buildings, displaced people, tap water contamination, etc. This is serious stuff. I might be ok, as I live on a hill, but the pictures and videos I have seen from closer to Downtown Columbia paint a more serious tale. I cannot help but feel shocked and helpless. I may be fine, but I am also stuck and unable to help.

I am blessed that I am safe, but it isn’t so for countless others.

Others who have lost everything.

More updates as the week progresses


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