Against the Flood: Midtown Aftermath

I awoke naturally. Its 8am-ish. There was this strange insubstantial bright substance pouring through my window. I think its called sunshine. Warm and comfortable, I drift back off to an enjoyable sleep.

The phone rings. It’s my supervisor. Someone from Servepro will be at the church soon.

I quickly through on some pants, grab my keys and wallet, and bolt out the door. I wanted to grab my DLSR, but there was just no time. I needed to get down there and who knows what the road conditions are like when I get closer to town. I haven’t really left the house in a couple of days, so this is going to be interesting.

Here in the north east, things seem normal. I get on the the interstates fairly easily. Things get a bit more interesting when i get to Devine St & Garner’s Ferry . Police have barricaded off that portion resulting in everyone needing to find a detour.

I finally get to the church. A smell assaults my nostrils. A mixture of sewage and standing water. I pop my head downstairs, but that didn’t really give me a good look. In order to do so, I need to be a bit more creative. Trash bags and duct tape make nice flood boots. Here is what I saw (i apologize, these are from my cellphone):

The Servepro guy showed up, smelling like cigarettes. He did his inspection and gave us an estimate. Its expensive, more than I make on my part time salary. I sent it onto my bosses and they discussed with with our landlords (Riverside Community Church). The end result is that Riverside is just going to do it themselves. Ok, have fun with that. I pray you can get in there sometime this week. We need the building come Sunday. I just hope that the worst is behind us.


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