Illustration Update

gloom turtle v2

I have been doing a lot more vector illustration lately. What started out as a mere experiment has turned into a full hobby. I am a bit surprised by this. I have always been more technical minded. I knew how to use programs such as Illustrator on a technical level. My ability to draw as deteriorated over the years as i picked up film and photography. This as a stress reliever from a job that was a little out of my depth. I would relax by listening to a Poirot audio book and draw in illustrator.

But here I am illustrating. And I enjoy it.

I went back and reworked the gloom turtle design found in my Mood Creatures post. I have since improved in the technique and therefor decided to attempt to improve upon what I started. I was actually afraid I wouldn’t be able to. I erased everything but the head and neck, as I was happy with how those turned out. Everything else was simplified, yet I was still challenged by the shading of the shell. How do i convey round? It is with much trial an error  that it ended up the way it is. That is the beauty of layer and vectors.

I need to work on the color a bit as well as the storm cloud overhead.

And before anyone asks, yes I have decided to make a children’s book. You’ve convinced me. I’m recruiting 2 friends who are more talented than I to lend me a hand at this. I am also in the process of finding an alternative to Illustrator, as I am the only one out of the three with access to it. I want things to be on an equal playing field. I am running an older version due to availability when I was still a student. Anyway, I am curious as to how this will turn out, as drawing is not my strong suit.


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