Creative Refocus

edit grab

I seem to have been doing a lot more drawing/illustration as of late. This is not normally the case. In general I am more focused on film and photography. Something has been off lately. Something has discouraged me from focusing on my primary art form as of late.

What brings me back to it? I just needed a break from my current side project, which is creature illustrations for a children’s book others have convinced me to makeĀ (and I am enjoying it). But as I finished up my latest illustration, I found myself hitting a road block. It is not easy to come up with creatures to represent different moods/mental disorders. It was good time to take a break. Low and behold I have a perfectly good personal project that has yet to be finished.

I have to redo the “interview” as the situation has changed. I will probably refocus it on self worth instead of identity, as the project is about one of my biggest struggles. I also need new footage of my current group of friends. I am using a lot of my archived footage from college, travels, and everything in between.

For some reason I am not entirely comfortable filming around my friends. I’m not comfortable pulling my cameras out around them, even to take stills. I don’t know what it is. And yet, when I go extreme introvert in a large group of people, my camera is what pulls me out of that. This is just a discomfort I will have to get past.

It is time for me to get back into my creative roots. Film and photography are vital to me, and I need reasons and excuses to pull out my cameras. Its time to improve my primary skill set.

Here are a few frames from recent video as well as some still images I took this past weekend:



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