Creative Progress And The Challenge To Do So

Colinda_1_2019-11-19_2238_C2 (

I am working on some composite shots for a little project of mine. This involves filming something like a picture frame with my BMPCC and then adding images into said frame in After Effects. Not that difficult to explain.

The big thing is matching the “shadow” movement with the changing light. I had to do something to make it look like this wasn’t just a still image with video superimposed over it.

I still have to redo the cool looking camera interview, as my circumstances have changed. Still need to get a few extra shots of friends and possibly just Columbia in general with bmpcc.

It feels good to edit, though I have felt very discouraged from using my cameras. This is a problem. Video and photography are my passions. I am starting to feel a little discouraged from doing anything creative. I don’t find it appropriate to go into depth here. But here I am trying to inspire others to create and get there creative works out there, and I think myself incapable of doing the same.

Yet I have to push on. I have to grab my cameras and do something even when I think “What’s the point?” I have to keep creating, because deep down I know that is what I was made to do. Therefore, not creating is sort of like defying God Himself as that is who I believe created me in His image. Make of that what you will. I have stated my faith numerous times on here.

So I just have to keep fighting and hope that God actually helps. Only thing I can do is keep trying to create, to keep working with my cameras, to try to make something good. Hopefully I can find some decent employment too.

In the meantime, I have decided to challenge myself. I have some excellent and powerful software, yet keep pointing friends to open source/free alternatives that I don’t really use. Well, it is about time I take the time to learn these programs. I have tried several times before, only to give up in frustration because it isn’t X program. I will try to track my progress on here, as I need something to blog about and need to blog more.

Sorry about the rant. I try to be open about things, but not too open as this is my creative blog. But you know, life and such. Hopefully I will post more next week, though I’m not sure many read it.



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