The Road Ahead

It has been a couple of weeks since I had posted an update. Things have been rather on the go lately. A lot of back and forth between Indy (Fishers) and North Manchester Indiana. For those of you who don’t know, North Manchester is a dinky little town in northern Indiana. Not the smallest town in the state, but pretty dang small compared to some of the places I have lived. Yes, I do have a house there. Ok, it isn’t mine, but it does belong to my extended family.

There are several reasons I am moving there. Mostly one. My parents are “kicking me out”. Meaning I am not entirely happy in Fishers, Indiana. However, we need someone in my great aunt’s old house. I am doing a huge service to my family by moving in. There is a lot to clean up and cluttering of the house that needs to be done.

At my parent’s place, I currently sleep on an air mattress in the dining room. I don’t exactly have privacy or the best sleep (my mother is up early to walk the dogs before work). As a result, I get restless and a bit sleep deprived.

However, in North Manchester I have the house to myself. No roommates or family members living with me. For the most part, I can do what I want to the house (minus any major upgrades, have to ask uncle for permission). I have an office. AN OFFICE. It is it’s own separate room. Not a dining room or my bedroom. I also get to arrange the furniture the way I want it. Sort of have to to accommodate a standard sized tv (my great aunt only had a small tv). My kitchen is small and needs to be cleaned up. Everything looks like it was made in or from the 60s/70s (because they probably were). Lots of wood paneling I can do nothing about. But for now, it is a place to call my own…sort of.

I have mentioned before that I am hoping to go back to school. Well, Manchester University is right there in town. I can walk to campus in less than 10 minutes. I have a college visit in a couple of weeks. I am trying to go back for computer programming. Its something useful and in demand. Actually, anyone who knows how to use, troubleshoot, set up, or do anything other than check Facebook on a computer is in demand. I already do tech support for friends and family, I might as well go a step further and learn programming. If I can get some of my gen eds transferred from Huntington University, It should have me very little time to obtain a new bachelor’s degree. That would be more ideal than an Associate’s from Ivy Tech. I’m not sure it is worth going back to Huntington University. The big thing will be keeping the cost down. That is my biggest concern.

I also have a few friends in the area. I have seen them a couple of times, but as I have only been up there a handful of times (and they all have jobs). But as I spend more time up there, I pray I get to see them more. The other thing is that I still don’t have a job. I have submitted several in the area, including a few in Warsaw Indiana. Some friends have given me a few leads as well. Getting a job has never been easy for me. I don’t know why. Thankfully, I do have some freelance work with a company here in Indy next month.

It bothers me a little that I am going for a different field. I love art and media and everything camera. Yet, the industry is changing rapidly. With technology improvements, there are less jobs. Less jobs means more people competing for the fewer jobs there are. I am just not competitive or cutthroat enough to land some of them (minus the one that let me go after a week because they just didn’t like me). Meanwhile, as technology advances and becomes more complex overall, there are more jobs and fewer who can actually program, make and maintain the computers/software.

I am trying to do what I can to learn ahead of time. Programming isn’t easy. I also suck at math. According the the course guide at Manchester, I need calculus and linear algebra. I’m struggling with pre-algebra on Khan Academy at the moment.

I will end with this. If you are of the faith (christian): pray for me, for I am struggling. With life, with past events, with depression, with anxiety, with creativity, with worth, with God, with the road ahead.

And yet the Kilted Artist shall continue on.


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