3D Printing: Technical + Creative = Innovation

So 3d printing is a pretty amazing thing. I haven’t experienced it myself, but from what I have seen and read, it could easily change they way we making things. Look at the video above. 3D printed prosthetic arms! Some of these work better than standard prosthetic arms and are much cheaper. Also, 3d printed organs. Disgusting and a bit disturbing as well, but think of the medical implications.

And 3d printing goes beyond the medical field. On a larger scale, it could change manufacturing. 3d printed cars, 3d printed disaster relief housing, the list goes on. This is possibly for one reason: because people with the right technical skills thought creatively to overcome challenges. We often think that to be technical, you lack creativity. That may be the case for some, but most of the innovations we have in technology and software come from people thinking outside the box. The couldn’t settle with the ways things were currently done. Not every innovation catches on, and yet they still try.

I think that is a perspective I have been missing a bit as I try to do something new. Computer programming may be technical, but it requires a lot of creative thinking to make something new. Something out of the ordinary. And while I may not be able to make the next big innovation, I will still be needing my creativity to get the job done. I first need to acquire the technical skills to make it happen.


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