Paper Skin

This creeped me out at first. I was walking back from the bathroom on the other side of the IUPUI Natatorium. This was the back side, so most of the public didn’t go back here. I jumped a bit on seeing this, despite seeing it several times before that week. It just creeped me out.

I have no idea what this was for. I ignored it most of the time. But for some reason, on Saturday night, when we were packing up, I stopped to takeĀ a closer look at the words written on it. I found that quite a few resonated with things I have been thinking for the past few months. Now there were some things I couldn’t relate to (such as being a parent), but over all I was just surprised how this piece spoke to me.

As a result. this has inspired a new photography project. It also caused I will start on that when I get back home. So in the meantime, check out what I am referencing in the pictures below:

Something I feel all to often

A question I ask myself as I am trying to go back to school and learn something new.

I’m awkward and weird. I feel that prevents me from making connections with people and having lasting friendships.

How I feel most days.

The text reads “Will I be single forever?” This seems to be a fact I have to accept.

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