Daily Photo Challenge: Day 1

Lets try this again, shall we?


Yes again. I am trying to shoot 1 photo a day for a year…again. This time I plan on sticking to it.

I had recently shot a wedding. Though my clients were happy with what I gave them, I wasn’t. I have just been out of practice. The only way for me to improve to is to start shooting more. I may have shifted my focus (pun intended) career wise, but that doesn’t mean i need to let this skill set fade. After all, I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Media Film Production. Can’t let this skill and education go to waste.

Also, since I am once again on the job hunt, I need something to keep me from feeling discouraged. I also need it to help fight my depression. This is one of three main challenges I am posting, the others being my video clip challenge and code challenge.


The rules are simple. I have to upload a picture a day, from that day. I CANNOT just pull a still from the video I shot. That’s cheating. The two can be posted withing the same blog (and i more than likely will), but they must be unique from one another (as in, not a still pulled from video) No camera is off limits. Instagram images are not allowed. Minimal photoshop only. I will start off simple and work my way up to my interesting photos. I am back in Indiana after all. I know my way around here. Try to make images that are print quality. That won’t always be possible, but I need to set a standard.

Lets get this started!

Day 1.


I woke up a half hour before my alarm this morning. I didn’t see a point to of trying to go back to sleep, so I jumped out of bed and got dressed. It was going to be hot today. The sooner I mowed the farm, the better. I have been coming here since I was a child.  I thought it would be a good place to start the 2 visual challenges. I mounted the Go Pro on the riding lawn mower, but saved my photo for the end.

I used a Canon 60D and a LensBaby Composer w/ Edge80 optic. I had to run the camera in manual for some reason, it just didn’t want to meter correctly today. I haven’t had a lot of practice with this optic. I am used to the double glass that came with the lens. It still needs work, but that is the whole point of this challenge.


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