Daily Video Challenge: Introduction

And let’s try something new.


As I with the Daily Photo Challenge, I feel very out of practice with video. Despite making the attempt to move my career in a different direction, this is not a skill I want to lose or fall to the way side. I have invested too much into video and film to completely give it up. This is the same skill set that let me travel the world for 10 months. I love doing this, I miss shooting video, and the only way for me to improve is to keep filming.

Also, I am battling depression. Always have. Job hunting doesn’t help. I need to keep myself motivated and creating. Creating and learning seem to be the best ways of fighting it (other than tea, which solves everything).

The Rules.

This was the trickier of the three challenges. Getting good video will be a challenge in and of itself. But how to post it is the real question.

Videos have to be 30-90 seconds long, one continual shot. Only editing is to trim it down to size and possible color correction if needed. They will be uploaded to the Kilted Artist’s YouTube channel and posted here. No camera is off limits. Footage needs to at least be interesting. Every month I will edit together the best shots into a short reel.

Time lapses are allowed and exempt from the minimum time limit. However, stills from the time lapse cannot be used for the Daily Photo Challenge. The two challenges can be in the same blog post, just different content.

The point is to challenge myself. Right now, going out and filming is challenging enough. There won’t always be the best or most brilliant shots, but the point is for me to improve and experiment.

Day 1.



I went to mow the old family farm this morning before it got to hot. I decided to mount my old Go Pro Hero 2 onto the riding lawn mower. This is the clip I pulled from it, being the best I go out of it. It wasn’t the most challenging of clips, but I thought it was a great way to get it started.

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