What I’m Up To: An Update- Kilted Artist Edition

I have been on hiatus from all of my blogs for a while, starting with The Kilted Artist. I talk about why in¬†More than I can Chew. To sum things up, I’m burnt out and don’t feel anything I make matters.

However, inactivity doesn’t mean I am not trying to create again.

For one, I just posted some fake political posters.

I have interviewed with several churches for media positions. Most have fallen through, but one has progressed slowly but surely. I spent this past week mixing a sunday service (music and all) in a DAW for radio broadcast. Its part of the application.

I have also picked up several courses from the website Udemy. Two different¬†courses on web development, a course on the 3d design/animation program Blender, a photography course, a cinematography course, and a graphic design course. That’s a lot. With Blender, and eventually everything else, you may see more frequent updates on this website.

I have a roll of 35mm film I need to finish up and develop.

When I was home this past week, I went to the Indianapolis Zoo. I took my dad’s Lumix G7 equipped with a vintage canon FD 28mm lens. Pictures are at the bottom of the post.

This next week, I am hoping to photograph all of the bison statues here in North Manchester.

I am wanting to continue working on my Mood Creatures designs. I might start working on a story for the Gloom Turtle, possibly making a children’s book.

I also need to work on a story I have had in the works. I posted some logo designs inspired by it some time ago.

And finally, I am starting to experiment with some free and opens source creative programs.

I am also trying to practice my bass more. I’m not that great, but I do enjoy it.

I have to take these one at a time. That generally involves having to make a schedule of sorts. Time management is key, something I failed to realize when I was trying those three challenges at once. I also have to not push myself too much or I will end up burning out. I do the web design courses a few days a week, along with courses in other subjects not related to this blog. I love doing creative work, but this year has been rough for me personally. I am doing what I can to reignite my creative passions and get the creative juices flowing. Right now it is a mere ember, but even the smallest ember can create a forest fire.
























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