Finding Questions, Seeking Answers

Things have been interesting as of late. Picking up 2 jobs in one week is one of the more surprising things to happen. I will save all of that for my other website,

But with the burden of unemployment lifted, my mind is free to think in different, healthier direction. There is one question that still lingers: can I still make art?

Specifically, can I still make great photos, capture outstanding moments in time, compose beautiful shots, and tell stories that captivate?

I felt that for so long I was walking away from this, only to be pulled back in. My desire to create has rarely been stronger. Its is an emotion that has been suppressed, ignored, and insulted for so long. I have to once again ask myself “who am I?

I have started exploring so many different areas this year. It started out with wanting to learn programming (which i need to continue), but expanded into graphic design, 3D modeling, and now drawing. And yet, I will always return to my first love-

The camera.

I have been reading a book called Celebration of Discipline, which talks about the various spiritual disciplines described through out the Holy Bible, but seem to be lost in this modern age. Anyway, the first section is on meditation. The author explains the trick to meditating. In order to meditate, you have to start meditating. This made me realize something. In order to find answers to these questions, I have to go out and just do it. I have to take photos, I have to start filming, I have to start making art again. Only then will I know if I am still capable of such.

Here are a few of my recent attempts. One is a night time stroll in N. Manchester and Manchester University (or the University of Nope as I call it). The second batch is from the old family farm, which might be a 5 minute drive from here. Both were shot in full manual.

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