Design: Mock Up – Office Door Posters

I have been working on a few small posters for my office door. Its almost a shame to hang them after some of my students worked so hard to paint the youth basement.

Here are two mock ups.


This one is basically done. It is a quote from the book “Good Omens” I thought it was a funny quote. At times, it feels pretty accurate. The back ground photo is of my D&D dice and was taken with my Canon 60D. The poster was made with Affinity Photo.


Still working on this one. The final could be completely different that the current concept. I came up with the quote myself. My students know my obsession with tea, as I often have a 1 liter thermos of earl grey with me at church. They also know I wear a kilt. The background images are from Digital Juice. The picture of myself was taken with my Canon 60D using an intervolometer for custom delay on the shutter release. I lit the photo with 2 clamp lights that had daylight cfl bulbs. Due to lighting and lens (stock 18-135mm  f3.5-56), I am slightly out of focus and there is a bit of color noise.


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