Photo – Social Media Banner Recreation


This is a common trend I am seeing with some websites, blogs, and Facebook pages. This is especially true for the motivational/lifehack type sites I see popping up. It’s this bright, almost over light/over exposed, slightly faded overhead shot of a table with all sorts of motivational productive type stuff, like notebooks, a cup of tea, a plant, some to-do sticky notes, and perhaps a random camera. You know the ones I am talking about.

Well, I set out to “recreate” them. And by recreate I mean utterly mess up with my own two hands. I don’t think I have done a more generic picture. I spent some time on it. Not too much time mind you, but enough to get the basic set up down.

I used 2 clamp lights as a bit of a fill (might not have been necessary) and an old flash set to manual on the top of my Canon 60D. I had the flash facing backward so it would bounce off the ceiling and create a nice fill. It wasn’t that difficult to create from a technical standpoint. From there, my creativity did take a bit of a nosedive. I was only trying to recreate the general idea of the photo. I through in a few random objects such as my old AE-1, expired passport, tea, notebook, well-used bible, audio recorder, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and an extra lens for good measure. I did one with the white table. For the one you see above, I used my fly plaid that goes with my kilt. After all, this is The Kilted Artist. Below is the latter, with a few different item.


Conclusion: It’s a simple photo. Nothing really impressive from a technical standpoint. The big thing is the composition and the subject matter. Most of these photos are trying to convey a certain feel. My recreations, well, aren’t. One a different note, I don’t like this faded vintage look the kids are into these days.

I may come back to this and put a little more effort into it. These types of photos just are not my thing. I can’t take a picture for the sake of taking it when using my professional gear. I need a reason to.


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