Design – MaddPlaider Logo

maddplaider logo 2

This is a design I did for a good friend of mine. He started a YouTube channel called The MaddPlaider. With a name like that, I couldn’t not do a design.

The design is fairly simple. It’s just a profile view of his head, with his skin being his favorite¬†plaid. The trickiest part was finding a font. The font is always the trickiest part. Sometimes you just don’t know what looks good and what doesn’t. It came down to trial and error. In the end, I settled on AR CHRISTY. It was the right balance¬†between plain and crazy I wanted in a logo like this. And because this is the personal brand for my friend, the font had to match him.

This was a fun design. It was just the sort of thing I needed. My only question is this: why is it so much more difficult to design for myself?


maddplaider logo


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