52-Week Challenge: Self Portrait

52 week 1.jpg

This year, I am trying something different. I have no true resolution. Instead, I have a goal. I want to make and do more. I have tried year-long photo challenges in the past with very little success. This year, however, I am attempting a guided 52-Week Photo Challenge.

Week 1: Storytelling- Self Portrait.

Take a picture that tells us who you are, without actually showing your face.

This was an interesting way to start. My original idea was a full body silhouette in my kilt. While I kind of achieved what I was going for, I wasn’t happy. Self-portrait work is difficult at best. I wasn’t happy with the composition, wasn’t happy with my exposure. My background sucked. My living room is not the ideal place for full body portraits.

So I tried something different. Instead of wide, let’s do a close-up. I ditched my fly plaid and decided to instead focus just on the kilt, sporran, camera, and a cross neckless. I had to put a light stand in front of the camera to frame, focus, and expose. It took a few tries since there was still a bit of guesswork. But after a few attempts, I finally got something I was happy with.


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