52-Week Challenge: Self Portrait

52 week 1.jpg

This year, I am trying something different. I have no true resolution. Instead, I have a goal. I want to make and do more. I have tried year-long photo challenges in the past with very little success. This year, however, I am attempting a guided 52-Week Photo Challenge.

Week 1: Storytelling- Self Portrait.

Take a picture that tells us who you are, without actually showing your face.

This was an interesting way to start. My original idea was a full body silhouette in my kilt. While I kind of achieved what I was going for, I wasn’t happy. Self-portrait work is difficult at best. I wasn’t happy with the composition, wasn’t happy with my exposure. My background sucked. My living room is not the ideal place for full body portraits.

So I tried something different. Instead of wide, let’s do a close-up. I ditched my fly plaid and decided to instead focus just on the kilt, sporran, camera, and a cross neckless. I had to put a light stand in front of the camera to frame, focus, and expose. It took a few tries since there was still a bit of guesswork. But after a few attempts, I finally got something I was happy with.

3 thoughts on “52-Week Challenge: Self Portrait

  1. hi, i’m just starting this. I followed week 1 then the b/w. I forgot then remembered. where are you in the weeks? and whatis this weeks theme? updates are on what day?!? lol i’m trying!!


    1. I’m up to date on the challenges, just behind on posting to the blog. So this week would be finishing up symmetry landscapes, with next week being #nofilter. Just do a google search for Dogwood Photo Challenge 2019, and you can find everything you need to get going!


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