A Fresh Start

I felt it was time to make something separate from my Blogger account. I forgot I even had this account at all. I needed it for some DMA classes back in the day at Huntington University. After that, it just fell to the wayside.

So that’s what, 3 blogs now? (2 blogger, one wordpress)

Yes, and I am very horrible at it. I want to do something different with this one. My primary one, stephanhughes.blogspot.com, which is just random stuff to be honest. And then there is my travel one, Stephan’s Traveling Camera, which hasn’t been updated for a while since I am stateside.

The question right now is what do i do with these? I feel that it is necessary to have them, and it is kind of cool having multiple. Different blogs for different things.

But the question remains, what to do? I feel that i need a fresh start with the original. Its become its one things, just a string of random thought and it is difficult to make it anything else. That and the blogger platform feels very stale at the moment. I don’t think Google has updated it in a while. Their biggest focus is G+ and integrating everything into that G+ platform.

So why not try my hand at WordPress again? With a username like TheKiltedArtist, i have not idea what I am going to do with this one. Haha. I love photography and video production, but i think i want it to be something more. Sure there will be some of that, but i want it to be so much more than that. I am much more than that, even though it is a big part of who I am. Something other than random posts would be nice. We’ll see.

I have also started using my twitter account again (@platypus_avengr), and you should also check out my Vimeo and Flickr pages as well.


And yes, I do wear a kilt some times. It is so awesome and manly.